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About Us

Our practice – Atlantic Anaesthetics

Our practice is an association and consist of thirteen anaesthesiologists. We have a close working relationship with several surgeons in different hospitals in Cape Town over a wide field of specialities.

Anaestesiologists are specialist medical doctors who have trained for 11 years. We specialise in the administration of general and regional anaesthesia, pain management and critical care. Anaesthetists are experts in both pharmacology and resuscitation.
We are actively involved throughout the whole of your surgical procedure, constantly monitoring various physiology parameters, act upon abnormalities and thus maintain good functioning of your whole body.

We often perform certain procedures to aid your surgery – we could perform blocks which could aid in local pain relief or insert invasive monitoring devices to help us monitor the stability of your bodily functions and to ensure as far as possible safe surgery and comfortable recovery.
All the anaesthetists in our practice are registered with the HPCSA and with SASA – our representative body.

Because of medical aid policies and time constraints, you will probably only meet your anaesthesiologist on the day of your procedure or surgery.